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Schedule Interfaith Discourse Autumn 2007

Please be welcome to join this (informal) conversation once a month, and lets talk about questions of faith, culture and point of wiews. Different idealistic and relegious organisations will also tell about their engagement. Since you will be served lunch for free, you have to sign up and send a message (mail or SMS) with names - who will come and join this discourses. First of all: this is an hour to find respect for each others faith, relegion, culture, and piont of wiews.Welcome! The dates and topics for the discourses are:

10.Sep.07Monday12:00 Presentasjon og drøfting av tema Presentation
05.Nov.07Monday12:00Forskjellige Sekter i Kristendommen Sects in Christianity
03.Dec.07Monday12:00 Ikke Bestemt To be Decided