Mosques in Tromso

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The Islamic Centre of Northern Norway (ICNN) was founded in 1992 in the city of Tromsø, and is the first registered Islamic Centre in Northern Norway. The Centre is a multinational Islamic Centre with members from all around the world.


The Islamic Centre of Northern Norway’s (ICNN) office, and its running  mosque "Masjid Al-Rahma” is located in Tromsø city centre, in Northern Norway. The Centre is open for all Muslims regardless of sectarian belonging. The Centre promotes tolerance and respect within members and between religions. It is easily accessible and is open all days between 8 am. and 11 pm.




Language:                             English, Norwegian, Somali

Visiting Address:                Grønnegata 118B

Al-Noor Centre was founded in 2005, Alnor foundation is responsible for the running of the Islamic Centre known as Al-Noor. The official name of the mosque is "Masjid Al Noor".




Language:                             Norwegian, English

Visiting Address:                Storgata 132