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Suicide bomb kills 15 in Pakistan

October 1, 2007

Bomb blast in PakistanA suicide bomber, wearing a woman's burka, has killed at least 15 people in an attack at a busy police checkpoint in north-west Pakistan, officials say.


Four policemen were among the dead, and at least 20 people were injured in the blast in the garrison town of Bannu.


The bomb was detonated in a rickshaw, which had been stopped for inspection.It is the latest in a series of deadly attacks blamed on Islamist militants in the North Waziristan tribal region near the border with Afghanistan.


Bombings and attacks have soared since July when security forces stormed the red mosque in Islamabad.

Many of the attacks have been directed at the security forces. More than 200 soldiers and policemen are said to be among the dead.


What is becoming of Pakistan? What justifies suicide bombings? How many more innocent lives must be lost?

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Israel's Syria 'raid' remains a mystery?

October 1, 2007

Syrian President Bashar Assad

During the early hours of last Thursday morning, a number of Israeli jets appear to have entered Syrian air-space from the Mediterranean Sea, possibly penetrating deep into the country.




Later unidentified drop tanks, which may have contained fuel for the planes, were found on Turkish soil near the Syrian border, indicating perhaps the Israeli jets' exit route.


The Syrian authorities are livid. They say that the aircraft were driven off but that they fired their weaponry into a deserted area.


US officials indicate that at least one target in northern Syria was hit and despite the Israeli silence there does seem to be a perceptible mood of satisfaction in Israel; a sense that what they wanted to achieve was carried out. So what actually went on during the early hours of Thursday morning? Why were Israeli jets over Syria at all? And if they indeed released weapons, what were they firing at? And last, but not least what right to they have to enter and bomb target in a sovereign country?

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Imam Jalaluddin Rumi (R.A) most famous poet in America

October 1, 2007

Imam Jalauddin Rumi (RA)For many years now, the most popular poet in America has been a 13th-century Muslim scholar Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi.


Rumi’s verses are hugely popular and have been used by Western pop stars such as Madonna. They are attracted by his tributes to the power of love and his belief in the spiritual use of music and dancing - although scholars stress that he was talking about spiritual love between people and God, not earthly love. Rumi, whose 800th birth anniversary falls on Sunday, was born in 1207 in Balkh in Central Asia, now part of Afghanistan.

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Freedom of speech, art or insolence?

September 18, 2007

Yet again we are witnessing irresponsibility and disrespect as we saw not long ago in Denmark and Norway, behaviour far from human dignity and self-respect. What urge could drive man to portray the very symbol of holiness in a religion in the manner that has been done, other than hatred and ignorance? Yes, we are seeing protest and demonstrations in different countries, but it’s about time we make it clear what is freedom of speech, and what is blasphemy, what is art and what is drivel.

Let us first define the terms:

Blasphemy: An act of disrespect or impiety toward something regarded as sacred.

Ruling on Blasphemy:

In the Bible:
  1. “those who speak blasphemy shall surely be put to death" (Leviticus 24:16).
  2. "But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin." (Mark 3:29)

In Islam:

Blasphemy in Islam constitutes speaking ill of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), or any other Prophet mentioned in the Quran. It also holds true for speaking ill of Allah. Hazrat Anas radiyallahu anhu reports that, on the day when Makkah was conquered [..] . Someone came to the Prophet of Allah sallallahu... [More]

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8 or 20 Rakah Taraweeh

September 18, 2007

Ramadan is underway and today is the 6th fast already. It seem as is if the Ramadan is running away from us, and we are not benefitting from it the way we should. A problem (masalah), a concern has struck the Muslims in Tromsø lately. Should we pray 8 or 20 rakah taraweeh in Ramadan? Hence, arguments are flying in both directions, but what is Islamic ruling we wonder?

Nasir Al-Albani is of the oppinon that 20 rakah taraweeh is a diapproved innovation, a bidah, and that 8 rakah taraweeh is the sunnah and approved (Salat-ul-Taraweeh of Albani).

What about argument for 20 rakah? Imam al-Bayhaqi (RA) has recorded from different narrators that: During the time of khilafah of Umar (RA), he orderd Ubay to lead them in 20 rakah taraweeh in the Mosque.

With regards to this hadith the followimg Ulema regard it as Sahih:

  1. Imam Yahya al-Nawawi (RA) in Al-Majumu Sharh al-Muhadhhab(d. 676 AH)
  2. Imam Jamaluddin Yusuf al-Zaylai(RA) in al-Hidaya (d.763 AH) 
  3. Imam Badrudding al-Ayni (RA)  in Umdatul-Qari(d. 855 AH)
  4. mam Ali al-Qari (RA) in Sharhul-Nuqayah (d.1014)
  5. Imam Kamaluddin ibn al-Humam (RA) (d. 861 AH)
  6. Imam Taqi al-Din Subki (RA) (in Tuhfatul Akhyar of Imam Abdal Hayy Lucknawi) (d. 756 AH)
  7. Zayn al-Din al-Iraqi ((RA) d.806 AH)
  8. Jalaluddin...

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'War with Iran' - a likely event?

September 18, 2007

The French Foreign Minister has said the world should prepare for a possible war with Iran over its nuclear programme. Do you agree?

Bernard Kouchner said negotiations with Iran should continue "right to the end" but the world should prepare for the worst.

His comments came ahead of the start of the UN nuclear watchdog's annual conference in Vienna, where Iran will be top of the agenda.

Iran - which says its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes only - has strongly criticised Mr Kouchner's comments.

Read the main story

Do you think Iran is trying to make a nuclear weapon in secret? What is the best way to deal with the suspicion over Iran's plans? Are you confident the UN watchdog, the IAEA, can manage the situation? Was Mr Kouchner being realistic - or unhelpful?

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Saudi women challenge driving ban

September 18, 2007

A group of women in Saudi Arabia is for the first time to lobby the kingdom's government for the right to drive cars.

Correspondents say the demand is likely to be rejected, as conservatives argue if women are allowed to drive, they will be able to mix freely with men.

Two years ago, a member of the Consultative Council sparked a heated debate when he pointed out there was nothing under Islamic law or the constitution that justified the ban, and that the council ought to discuss ways of lifting it.

"We would like to remind officials that this is, as many have said, a social and not religious or political issue," she told the Associated Press. "Since it's a social issue, we have the right to lobby for it."

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Musharraf to 'give up army post'

September 18, 2007

MusharrafIs this the end of army rule in Pakistan?

Once again in history Pakistan is standing on a defying turn. Musharraf has agreed yet again to discard the uniform this time in favour of the presidency of the nation. Time and time again have the people of Pakistan witnessed military intervention in what was supposed to be the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. For better or for worse is an open question. Now we are told, could be the end of another era of military rule in Pakistan, but at what cost?

BBC reports; “The chief lawyer for Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf says that if he is re-elected, he will give up his post of army chief soon afterwards.”

So, what if he is not elected? Musharraf is seeking to be re-elected by the present parliament before it expires in mid October, however the constitution states that “retiring state servants could not run for office until two years have elapsed”, but what does that matter to Musharraf ?or the selected election commission?

In 2002 he promised on National TV, the people of Pakistan that he would resign as head of army by 2004, if the political parties...


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