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The Worlds Northernmost University

At latitude of nearly 70 degrees north, is the world's northernmost university, the University of Tromsø (UiT). UiT is a relatively small university, with around 6000 students and around 1800 staff.

As with Norway's other universities, UiT's main tasks are research, education and conveying of information.
The university's physical location provides a major advantage for research and academic studies connected with the Arctic and other regions of the north. The polar and Arctic regions are important to many subjects. However, there is also considerable focus on the global perspective and comparative studies between north and south.

UiT may be relatively small, but the number of subjects offered is expansive. The university covers a wide variety of subjects and its students have more than 100 study programmes to choose between.


Interfaith Discourse

The Student Chaplain arranges for a variety of religious arrangements at the University, including the Interfaith Discourse, which is a meeting for students of different faiths to find respect for each others faith, religion and point of views. The Interfaith discourse is held at the Silent Room in the "Teorifagbygget" every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 12pm to 13pm.



International Seminar

International Seminar is collaboration between different organisations and institutions in Tromsø with SEMUT and UN as coordinators. They arrange open meetings on International topics every Thursday at the Culture House ("Lillescene") 8 pm.




Driv is the student house, a cultural arena and a place where courses and arrangements are held. The Student house is used for conferences as well as seminars and concerts and keeps a running kitchen as well for dining. Everything run and arranged by students. 




Utropia is the University of Tromsø’s student Newspaper, which bring news on current affairs and the student life at Uito in general (Web-site in Norwegian).



Akademisk Kvarter

Akademisk Kvarter is the Bookshop on campus where you can buy the books used in the different subjects and studies at the university.



Student Welfare Association

The Student Welfare organisation in Tromso provides housing, child care, arrange for sporting events, cafes and counselling for the students at UiT.


Coming Attractions on Campus

A lot of programmes are arranged for students at the University campus, for information about them see the Bord.






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