Prayer Room on Campus

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A prayer room, a "Musalla" has kindly been provided by the University of Tromsø (UiT), curtsey of the student chaplain Tor Stranda, for the Muslim students and workers of UiT.

A lengthy process was required to ensure that Muslims would get an opportunity to perform their prayers on campus in a separate prayer room for them. Al-Hamdo Lillah, it is at our disposition now, and we pray that it serves as forever and that we serve it and take care of it-Amin.

Practically its location is at the History faculty, ground floor. You will have to walk to the end of the Southern Corridor to the room marked “Stille Room”.  Its opening hours are from 8 am to 3-4pm. In these hours and after these hours, students may access the faculty using their student cards and may access the prayer room if locked by signing up for a key.

The get the key follow this procedure:

1.        Fill out this form (your name)

2.        Pay a deposit of 250 NOK at “Akademisk Kvarter”

3.        Bring form and receipt of key deposit to Stig Aasland at “Driftssentralen”

Deposit will be returned at the return of key.May Allah make this prayer room a blessing for the Muslim students.